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A Poem titled Hope


I allow my mind to focus on my breath

Inhaling, noticing

Exhaling, noticing

The flow of air expanding and contracting

Allowing my mind to follow the waves

Relaxing into my body




Releasing tension into the earth


My spirit light


Forever sinking

Forever expanding

Through time and space

Growing into


A Poem called The Art of War

These Legs

I haven't always loved these legs

These legs have stood frozen in embarrassment

They have trembled with fear

They've jiggled too much had wonky shaped knees

My legs have stomped upon friendships in moments of anger

They've take me places I didn't want to be

Walked me in circles of confusion again and again

These legs walked me down the aisle blindly disconnected

I haven't always loved these legs


These legs crashed to their knees in grief for me

I found compassion for these legs

Forgiveness for these legs while understanding

It was me who should require their forgiveness

These sweet beautiful legs were always doing the best they could for me

Kindness to these legs, nourishment 

Love for these legs

These legs began to strengthen

Between these legs birthed a daughter

I loved them even more fiercely


These legs grew so strong with that love

Through nurturing they learned to walk softly and swiftly

To stand strong with confidence

These legs learned to walk NO run away from things not meant for me

They've jumped for joy at the connection we've found

These legs happily skip us in the direction of our dreams

I use these strong legs to hold up my daughter

May she always love her legs


The Sun

The sun doesn't ask permission to rise.

It doesn't care if anyone appreciates its magnificence.

Unapologetically bright and hot.

The sun sets as a reminder that endings can be beautiful.

It always rises again, unwavering in its consistency.

Accepting and unafraid of its journey.

Gracefully and elegantly taking up space.

Enabling everything it touches to 

Grow all ways

Always grow

The Grip of Grief

The grip of grief

So strong

I beg it to leave me be

To release its pressure just a little

You serve no purpose here

I scream into the nothing

But still it comes


Until every cell in my being


Heavy and tight with sorrow

Waves of rage wash over me

How could you leave me here

I scream into the nothing

But I understand too well

Because his pain was my pain

The past

When not released

Has a power so strong

The mind must be stronger

The effort intense

Like climbing a mountain

A never ending peak


Let go

Its not yours to carry

Grief tightens its grip

There is nothing to do 

But feel it

Become it

Allow its squeeze to steal your breath

Sink into it

Surrender into grief

Knowing it will release

In its own time

Like a being all its own

You don't get to choose

You know it will be back 

One day

And it will ease its grip again

One day

Its strong fingers

Never releasing you fully

Cradled in grief

Until death

Relieves you of the obligation

Of intense effort

Mountain climbing

Until those you leave behind


The grip of grief

Infinite Essence

Mothers womb

Cradled in comfort

Held gently

Rocked softly

Beautiful world of pinks and reds

I grow

Energy expanding

Body becoming stiff and sore

Not knowing what lay beyond

Too uncomfortable to stay

Passing through into the unknown

The Earth

Connected community

Held gently

Rocked softly

Beautiful world of greens and blues

I grow

Energy expanding 

Body becoming stiff and sore

Not knowing what lay beyond

Too uncomfortable to stay

Passing through into the unknown

The infinite

Connected consciousness

Held gently

Rocked softly

Beautiful world of infinite color

I grow

Energy expanding

Sa Ta Na Ma

Birth, life, death, rebirth

Essence is infinite


Entering inferno




Winds of change

Fanning flames




Burning away

All that isn't 

Consuming heat

Creating space



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