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Create Your Container

In the studio we went to great lengths to create a container for our students.  This "container" connected with as many senses as possible.  We used oils to connect with your sense of smell, created a visually appealing space and played music that resonated with us.  You are now responsible for creating your own container for yourself.  The goal of this page is to help you do so! Maybe you enjoy a brightly lit space or maybe you prefer to practice in the dark, don't be afraid to make it uniquely yours!  Below you will find a list of music I'm listening to I will add to sporadically, let me know what YOU are listening to so we can share with one another!

Engage Your Senses


The River - Alexia Chellun

Undefended Heart - Hans Christian

Little Boats of Hope - Adham Shaikh

Personal Power Centre - Opening Chakras Sanctuary

Afraid to Forget - Hammock

Moon Fever - Air

For a Small Planet - Alain Lemay

A Dream In the Sky - Anuvida & Nik Tyndall

Ritual - Beth Quist

Being - ROARY

The Waves We Give - Beautiful Chorus

Ek Ong Kar - Snatam Kaur

Ra Ma Da Sa Healing - Ajeet Kaur

One Weave - Hoam

Breathe - Karen Drucker

Harp and Soul - Steven Halpern


A Beautiful Noise - Alicia Keys

Shedding Skins - Fia

When She Rises - Ajeet

Come As You Are - DJ Taz Rashid

Bird Song - Heather Masse

One Voice - The Wailin Jennys

Brave Beautiful Animals - Sam Garrett

Moon Song - MaMuse

Hallelujah - MaMuse

Diamond in the Sun - Girish

Let it All Flow - DJ Taz Rashid

Nobody's Fault - Rising Appalachia

Amphibian Circuits - Dirtwire

Oeaho - Alexia Chellun

As I Wake in the Morning - Alexia Chellun

Born to Try - Delta Goodrem

Let Me Rise - Indiajiva & Ayya Yeshe

I'll Fly Away - Rising Appalachia

Guardian - Samuel J

Be Love - Satsang

Follow the Sun - Xavier Rudd

Heal this Land - Tina Malia

Prop up your Practice

These props from the studio are already experienced and infused with LOVE!

Eye Pillow $10

Strap $8

Support Pillow $5

Fleece Blanket $5

Yoga Blanket $20

YogaFit Egg Blocks $35/set

Foam Blocks $10/set

Sit block (2 x 8 x 12) with cover $20

Sit block no cover $15

Yoga Mat ($10 - 25 priced per mat)

Bolster (12 x 24 x 6) $50

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