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Little Yogis

Hi Little Yogis!

My name is HeartSpace.  I LOVE hearts!!  I also love moving, dancing and playing YOGA!  Oh and I love unicorns too!!  What kinds of things do you love?   I would LOVE to get to know you!  We can play YOGA together if you'd like!  Maybe you would like to play yoga live with your friends using Zoom or maybe you'd like to watch my videos to play yoga on your own time.  Get your grown up to click the button below to let me know if you and your friends would like a yoga zoom meeting or ask them to become a HeartSpace Member to access hours of play yoga!  Each half hour class includes breathwork, body movement and balance practice settling down for a story at the end. I'm SO EXCITED to meet you!

I've uploaded a printable of the Yoga 'fortune teller' game!  Click the PDF to print, cut and fold your fortune teller.  Piper and I will upload a video of how to do that and what the "rules" of the game are.  Find us on YouTube!!

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