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Self Love September

Week 1

This week we will make a list of all the things we love about ourselves.  This can be physical things or inner things, simple things or complex things.  List aaaall the things, add to it all week!  There is so much to love about YOU!  Write it down!

Week 2

Lets adopt a lifestyle upgrade for week 2!

Maybe one of these suggestions will resonate with you or maybe you have something else in mind

- walk in nature

- develop healthy sleep hygiene

- nourish with healthy food

- meditate

- drink 2L of water daily

whatever kind of lifestyle upgrade YOU could use, lets focus on daily consistency this week.  Because we're worth it!!

Week 3

This week lets connect with our communities.  Whether this looks like random acts of kindness, an expression of gratitude or simply smiling at people as you go about your day, connection is a beautiful gift we can give ourselves.  

Week 4

For our final week of Self Love September we will investigate our environment; our surroundings affect us more than we may realize.  Lets make an effort this week to purge a room in our home or do a deep clean.  Maybe our home is already clean and sorted and we could spend some energy cleaning up our favorite outdoor space instead.  Remembering mindset is everything, instead of thinking "I have to clean" remind yourself "I am worthy of a clean, organized space" and give yourself that gift!!

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