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Guided Brain Break
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UPDATE June 26, 2020

Embracing the changes life has to offer and living in the flow can bring us ease and peace.  Acceptance of where we are is the only way to move forward.  While the studio remains closed we are still able to practice together outdoors and through Zoom!

See updated JULY schedule under "classes & fees" HERE

All classes are by registration only, after registering you will recieve the Meeting ID and Password (for Zoom) or detailed directions (for an outdoor class).

We are offering some new and exciting classes for KIDS and adults!

Bedtime Yoga through Zoom allows you to practice gentle movements and yoga nidra in the comfort of your own home, finding ease in the mind and body preparing ourselves for rest.  Bedtime Yoga on Zoom for KIDS will include a story, self love and savasana!

Wake up with us Sunday mornings on Zoom, connect with yourself, connect with our community, create a little sweat and smile if it feels good!!


I'm excited to offer a KIDS Yoga and Gardening CLUB!!  We will gather outdoors and learn together about growing, nourishing and connecting.


All this and more can be found on the JULY Schedule under Classes & Fees

UPDATE March 17, 2020

I hope everyone is doing well!  It's important right now that we all do our best to remain physically active and try to keep our stress levels down.  Sounds like a good time for aaaalll the yoga!  I wanted to update you, we now have a YouTube channel!  Flowing with the reality we are in, we've hunkered down and will be creating content for you from home!  Today Piper, Sammy and I ventured out to the studio and filmed a couple of quick kids classes, I found the sound echoey without all the usual bodies in there.  You are all missed!!  Anyways, not perfect but they are uploaded.  We will film more tomorrow from home.  Learning as we go!! 

Working on 'grown up yoga' tomorrow, email me to let me know what YOU would like to see! 


Click the KIDS Stuff button to find our printables, they will grow as we create.  Click the YouTube link to find me, LIKE and SUBSCRIBE so you can find all our content as it is uploaded.  Feel free to share.

This content is free of charge however if you'd like donations can be made by etransfer to contact@heartspacewinnipeg.com 

On a side note, this can be a difficult time.  It will pass, the only way out is through.  If anyone wants to talk feel free to call me.  Our mental wellness is so imporant, unclench your jaw, relax your forehead, shoulders, glutes... take a deep breath in and sigh it out.  We are all in this together.


UPDATE March 15, 2020

After careful consideration and much deliberation I have made the difficult decision to CLOSE the studio until further notice.  As the cases of this illness in our province begin to increase I feel it is the prudent thing to do.  Some risks just aren't worth taking.  While being unable to practice with you all will be a great challenge for me, I will do my best to maintain a positive attitude and trust you to all do the same :)   


I'm looking into the logistics of offering some sort of online classes or guided meditations and will update you all if/when we have created some content.  


If anyone needs to pick up their yoga mat from the studio please contact me and we can make arrangements.  Please continue with a home practice, whatever that might look like for you.


Don't hesitate to contact me for absolutely any reason, even just to chat!!   Stay safe and stay in touch, I look forward to seeing you all again soon!!


HeartSpace Yoga

Previously known as Your Yoga, HeartSpace Yoga is an intimate studio located inside Hackers and Smackers Golf Range in the Charleswood area of south west Winnipeg, Manitoba.  We believe yoga is for everybody and every body, regardless of age, shape or experience.  We are body positive and pro-age!  Let us help you develop YOUR practice.

We offer a variety of classes designed following proven exercise principles and options are provided (and encouraged) in every class to make the class work for you.  We may have changed our name from "Your Yoga" but we still want you to remember that it is your yoga in your body, you have our permission to do what feels right to you, as long as you are staying safe.

We love bringing the gift of yoga to everyone!  Whether you are looking for a class for yourself, your parent or your child you are sure to find something to suit at our studio.


Our goal is to help you reach the overall state of physical and mental well being that yoga can provide.  Our community is full of laughs, love and sharing.